Kritika Chopra

Advocate of topics surrounding Leadership, creativity , Diversity and inclusion.


“In my role, each day I get exposed to the broadest range of tasks possible, within the company. Through this, I am getting a chance to perform various roles and act as a multiplier and systems builder while learning valuable transferable skills and gaining interesting perspectives towards a variety of impactful ideas”

Six Sigma certified professional with varied experience in the field of Operations, Organisational agility, Project Management, Scrum, SEM, Human Resource Management, Creative fields, and Leadership.
A Learner who believes that every day brings a new opportunity to start and add knowledge about something old or new. For the last many years I have focused on developing skills that would enhance my knowledge and decision-making skills. I often find myself being curious about areas and things that are challenging and push me to think beyond my limits and potential. Connect with me on Linkedin:

Connect with me to receive new ideas, discussions, interesting links, recommendations, and resources here:

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