Christina Feser

Speakerin zum Thema: Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, Employer Branding



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She started out working for The Wall Street Journal in Frankfurt as a media expert for print magazines and in the beginning of 00‘s was responsible for online advertising which was up and rising then. Living in the US for some time, Christina got her hands-on approach on business topics and research while working for an Email Marketing Agency and building up various focus groups for US-wide campaigns.
When back in Germany she took her competences and experience to be the Lead for strategic business conferences for general business. Christina focussed and identified need for knowledge and benchmarked amongst the senior most executives within specific job functions, emerging technology or evolving business strategies impacting niche industry segments. rallying to-market channels (campaign management), troubleshooting and overcoming market impactors (asking the hard questions) and delivering a professional and meaningful event experience by acquiring the best possible speakers. Then she took the chance to invent new event formats for the Startup scene throughout Europe around 2010 in Berlin. Deep insight into the sector widened her network with famous investor and founders.
Christina took her knowledge and network to Michael Page in Berlin and became a consultant for permanent positions in Finance and Engineering. When the brand Page Executive was launched in 2016 she was asked to head the german Research Department.

Today she is a member of the Scout24 Group and hires the best talent.

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